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Playground turf can even the playing field for everyone.

Playgrounds are essential for children’s physical, social, and cognitive development, in addition to being enjoyable places for them to let off steam. In recent years, playgrounds have undergone some significant design changes, with many offering the sustainability and safety that playground turf provides. Our team at ForeverLawn Mountain West can provide your playground area with turf that adheres to all IPEMA and ASTM certifications, in addition to exceeding requirements for Head Injury Criterion.

Playground Turf in Boise, Idaho

Playground turf has many benefits, but the most important factor for many parents is safety. In contrast to natural grass, which can get holes or bare patches and become uneven, synthetic turf offers a level, cushioned surface. Because there is a lower chance of trips, falls, and impact injuries, parents and other caregivers can play with their children without worrying about anything.

Playground turf also facilitates accessibility by providing a level, wheelchair-accessible surface that is simple to use for people with mobility impairments. All youngsters can move smoothly on synthetic turf, regardless of their physical abilities, as opposed to real grass, which can get muddy or slippery here in the Boise, Idaho area. Additionally, playground turf is designed to endure high foot traffic, bad weather, and continuous use, making it a long-lasting and resilient investment.

Playground turf offers durability, safety, accessibility, and environmental advantages, making it a great option for communities looking for sustainable ways to entertain local kids. Our team can provide you with playground turf that allows you to build playgrounds that encourage inclusion, spark creativity, and offer safe and fun experiences for future generations. Contact us today to learn more.

At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we install playground turf for customers in Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan, Bountiful, Ogden, Heber City, Lehi, Sandy, Park City, Orem, and Provo, Utah, as well as Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, McCall, Nampa, and Boise, Idaho.