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What if you never had to mow your lawn ever again, but you could enjoy a pristine landscape all year long? Choose a low-maintenance artificial turf solution that always looks fresh with solutions from ForeverLawn Mountain West.

Our synthetic grass solutions give you time back while providing an incredibly realistic surface that feels like real grass and looks almost better than a real lawn without any watering or mowing. Our products are designed for water and drainage conservation and are a great solution if you’re ready to enhance your landscape environment in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our Services

Not only are our solutions the most aesthetic, resilient, and realistic when it comes to artificial turf, but they’re also backed by industry-leading warranties and groundbreaking technology. We offer several brands for a variety of applications, including ForeverLawn, SportsGrass, GolfGreens, K9Grass, and Playground Grass.

Landscape Grass

Landscape Grass

We offer incredible landscape grass that looks and feels nearly identical to real turf.

K9 Grass


K9Grass is a type of artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, and it’ll look great in your yard.

Playground Grass

Playground Grass

Our playground grass outperforms turf, mulch, and rubber for play areas in every way.

Artificial Turf Solutions

Effortless curb appeal is just a quick phone call away. Give us a call today to learn more about how our artificial turf solutions can improve your outdoor environment in an instant.

Why Choose Us?

We lead the way in the artificial turf industry!

Brands for specific applications

Whether you want a better ground covering solution for your playground or you just want to beautify your front lawn, we have the artificial turf solution that will work for your needs.

Unparalleled aesthetics

Our artificial turf solutions look just like real grass but without all the maintenance work and water.

Groundbreaking technology

Every product produced under the ForeverLawn umbrella incorporates years of careful testing and research.

Variety of Products

Whether you are looking for a new lawn, putting in a playground or want something soft under your feet around the pool, ForeverLawn has the perfect product, no matter the project!