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Premium materials for a lush, natural-grass appearance.

Mowing and watering your lawn to keep it lush, beautiful, and green drains your wallet and your time. If you’re looking for a beautiful, functional synthetic turf solution, our landscape grass options are the answer. At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we know that any artificial turf solution won’t work with poor execution, which is why we focus on every aspect of the installation and maintenance process to provide unparalleled results.

The landscape grass we install throughout the Salt Lake City, Utah area is made from the highest-quality materials, from the bottom of the base to the tallest blade of every piece. Our landscape grass solutions feature a premium backing and seaming that is unlike any other in the industry, providing unbeatable durability.


Our artificial landscape grass is great for replicating a natural grass look and feel in any environment. Get the soft, lush, green grass you’ve been dreaming of without all the work.

Natural Grass Appearance


Our landscape grass products are made with the highest attention to detail. With dense blade construction, strong seaming, and high-quality yarn, every aspect of our synthetic turf is designed to last.

Lasting Durability


 The proprietary LegacyFiber™ yarn found in ForeverLawn Fusion is just one example of how we integrate distinguishing features into our artificial landscape grass that you won’t find with other brands.

Distinguishing Features


Our proprietary backing and seaming system is designed to provide lasting durability. Our seams are secure enough to tow a truck and more than strong enough to hold up against foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and more.

Seaming To Stand


Not only are our synthetic landscape grass products durable and realistic, but they’re a low-maintenance solution that removes the need to edge, mow, fertilize, weed, and regularly water your lawn. And to ensure you love your artificial turf lawn for years to come, our installers go through a rigorous training program to ensure consistent installations and to get great results with each and every job.

Choose us to put in your landscape grass and we’ll provide a comprehensive warranty that covers fading and excessive wear, so you can continue to enjoy your artificial turf lawn for years to come. For more information about our landscape grass options and why artificial turf is the way to go for your lawn, contact us today.

Landscape Grass in Boise, ID

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Long and lush bright. For moderate traffic areas.


Long and lush green/olive. For moderate traffic areas.


Fresh cut bright. Resilient for high traffic areas.


Fresh cut green/olive. Dense construction to limit infill requirements.


Withstands the effects of reflective heat from Low-e windows. Superior realism.


Heat resistant with shorter pile height for high-traffic areas.


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