Artificial Grass for Dogs, Boise, ID

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Artificial grass can offer numerous benefits for you and your pet.

Giving your dog a secure and comfortable home while keeping your property looking pristine is often easier said than done. This is particularly true during rainy or snowy weather, when the need to wipe away muddy pawprints becomes an everyday thing — not to mention what your dog’s digging can do to the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. This is where artificial grass for dogs can save the day, providing a host of advantages to both you and your four-legged friend.

Artificial Grass for Dogs in Boise, Idaho

Our team at ForeverLawn Mountain West offers artificial grass for dogs that is made to resist heavy traffic and keep its vivid appearance all year round. Because of its durability, there won’t be any more muddy paw prints or ugly bare areas throughout your lawn. In addition, artificial grass for dogs allows your dog to play in a safe area since there’s no need to use chemical fertilizers on it like you might with traditional grass.

Furthermore, artificial grass for dogs requires minimal maintenance, which means that you’ll have more free time compared to pet owners with traditional grass lawns. In fact, drainage systems can be built into artificial grass to avoid bacteria and foul odors from lingering after your pet relieves itself. Beyond its cleanliness and ease of maintenance, artificial grass for dogs is also hypoallergenic, perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies.

As you can see, there are many advantages to artificial grass for dogs. If you’re curious about your options in the Boise, Idaho area, contact our team today. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with an overview of our products.

At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we install artificial grass for dogs in Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan, Bountiful, Ogden, Heber City, Lehi, Sandy, Park City, Orem, and Provo, Utah, as well as Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, McCall, Nampa, and Boise, Idaho.