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We’ll install a high-quality playing surface for your bocce courts.

The majority of outdoor sports today are intended to be played on grassy courts or fields, including soccer, football, and even slower-paced games, like bocce ball and golf. With all of these games, the condition of the turf at your feet has a significant effect on performance. Even though your technique may be excellent, you may get subpar results because of poor-quality turf.

BocceGrass in Park City, Utah

Are you looking for a way to improve the quality of your bocce field? At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we want you to learn more about BocceGrass, an artificial turf solution unlike any other currently on the market.

BocceGrass is made of premium artificial turf, and the material consists of three separate layers, which include the base, the thatch underlayer, and the top layer of the grass blades. This artificial turf solution looks and performs exactly like natural grass, but it doesn’t require the maintenance or upkeep of a natural lawn.

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BocceGrass will maintain its uniform density in all seasons and weather, which allows for more consistent playing performance. And BocceGrass requires hardly any maintenance, so you can count on it continuing to look as green and lush as the day it was installed. Additionally, BocceGrass features excellent drainage, so you don’t have to worry about water issues and puddles on your field.

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If you’re looking for a better solution for your playing surfaces, BocceGrass is the answer. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your installation in the Park City, Utah area.

At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we install BocceGrass for customers in Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan, Bountiful, Ogden, Heber City, Lehi, Sandy, Park City, Orem, and Provo, Utah, as well as Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, McCall, Nampa, and Boise, Idaho.