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Looking for an environmentally friendly turf option? We’ve got you covered.

Having a beautiful lawn is every homeowner’s dream and almost every commercial property owner’s responsibility. However, real grass can be difficult and expensive to maintain, not to mention that local laws may prohibit lawn watering above a certain threshold. If you prefer the look of a lawn over a xeriscape but you don’t want to deal with the expenses, extensive maintenance, and environmental impact of real grass, we have you covered at ForeverLawn Mountain West. We offer recycled artificial grass for homes and businesses in Boise, Idaho.

Recycled Artificial Grass in Boise, Idaho

Our recycled artificial grass offers the beauty you are looking for in a turf lawn. It mimics the appearance and texture of real grass, allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of a lush lawn on your property without any of the costs or hassle.

Recycled artificial grass is also an excellent way to reduce your environmental footprint. Of course, the amount of water you can conserve with artificial grass is a factor, but using recycled materials also makes a massive difference by keeping useful materials out of landfills. Our recycled artificial grass is lead-free and non-toxic as well, making it safe to use in areas where children and pets may play outside.

Turn to our trustworthy team to get recycled artificial grass that is unrivaled in quality. We would love to tell you more about our product and carefully install it on your property with precision and keen attention to detail. Please contact us today to learn more or get started!

At ForeverLawn Mountain West, we install recycled artificial grass products to customers in Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan, Bountiful, Ogden, Heber City, Lehi, Sandy, Park City, Orem, and Provo, Utah, as well as Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, McCall, Nampa, and Boise, Idaho.