Why You Need Artificial Backyard Grass [infographic]

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A clean and well-maintained backyard can be a major asset to homeowners, but maintaining a backyard can be hard work. One way to keep your backyard looking its best is by using artificial backyard grass.

Why You Need Artificial Backyard Grass

There are many benefits of using artificial backyard grass as opposed to planting natural grass. Here are a few of them:

  • Lower maintenance. If you hate the mowing, weeding, spraying pesticides, and other maintenance tasks that come with natural grass, you should consider artificial backyard grass. The maintenance required for keeping artificial grass looking nice is much less than with natural grass. All you have to do is spray the grass with a hose every once in a while to wash away any dirt or other debris.
  • Year-round green. Natural grass changes color in weather extremes, leading to a brown and sometimes dingy look. This can drastically bring down the aesthetic of the rest of your backyard. Artificial grass, on the other hand, maintains a bright green appearance regardless of the time of year, so you can enjoy the look of a beautiful backyard all year long.
  • Long lifespan. Artificial backyard grass lasts much longer than natural grass. Natural grass will need to be replanted every few years to keep a fuller look, but because artificial grass doesn’t die, it won’t need to be replaced nearly as often.

Why You Need Artificial Backyard Grass

If you want a green backyard with all of these benefits, be sure to call us at ForeverLawn Mountain West to ask about our artificial backyard grass.