Three Reasons Why Playground Turf is Better Than Natural Grass

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Playgrounds are the perfect places for children to run around and have fun. However, it’s important to consider the benefits that certain playgrounds have over others. If you’re in charge of maintaining a school or local playground, you should follow tips for making the maintenance easier on yourself. One of the best ways to maintain your playground is installing playground turf instead of natural grass.

Three Reasons Why Playground Turf is Better Than Natural Grass

Here are three of the top reasons why playground turf is better than natural grass:

  1. Weather doesn’t affect it as much. Different seasons can have different effects on natural grass. Snow, intense sunshine, and other weather conditions affect the color of natural grass, but it won’t affect the appearance of playground turf, so you won’t have to worry about different temperatures affecting the vibrancy of the grass.
  2. Playground turf is more durable. Children running around can easily uproot or damage natural grass, but playground turf is much more durable. If you don’t want to deal with natural grass quickly getting patchy or ruined, you should look into playground turf as an alternative.
  3. Natural grass requires more maintenance. There’s a lot of work to do to make sure natural grass looks good and is safe. For example, natural grass needs to be mowed to help deter pests and small critters from making it their home. Playground turf doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as natural grass.

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